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Over time, you learn that a web is not only a beautiful design and an excellent coding. There are a lot of areas such as Mobile App Development, Positioning or Marketing that define how we deal with every project and how all of this is reflected in the final result.
Companies are gradually raising awareness about its importance and ask me for help or advice. Because of that, I have been bringing all my knowledge about these branches together and I have trained an excellent team to offer my clients a complete service.
Jordán Díaz - Diseñador web freelance

Jordán Díaz

      Full-stack Developer

Enthusiastic and art & informatics lover, I define myself as a person who is capable of doing whatever I want. I'm a self-learner and I have a desire to explore new horizons in a growing sector like new technologies.

I live in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and I've been more than 15 years working as a Web Designer & Developer. 15 years and I still get surprised about how fast is online technology evolving and the importance it has in promoting new companies and ideas.

My websites are made completely written by hand and covering the whole project, in both creative and technique ways. I use the last web technologies to develop a custom and clean work for every client, but I consider that the dedication and implication in every project I take part in is what really makes a difference.

In this job is really important to listen so that you can transmit. After so many years in this market, I've created a stress-free and pleasant proccess which helps me to interact with the owner until we find the best way to develop the project. 

A person to each specialty

But this isn't all. We are lucky to have the support of experts and companies in specific sectors. With a long history of experience they have proved the quality of their services. Down below we show some of them:

  • Cactus Idea : A team of programmers that offer custom database solutions to manage your business online.
  • Orlando Santana : Expert in SEO Positioning ( Growth Hacking ) and marketing strategies. With only 23 years old he has been nominated as European Young Web Entrepeneur by the European Commission in 2015. He's currently cooperating with important companies such as Videolean, Konvoko and Inbound Labs, among others. He is also a blogger in Adseoweb.

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